Hepta Group

Biofuels trading, production and engineering for renewable energies


Hepta Group, towards a sustainable energy supply, is fully industrialising the production of green energy from biomass.


Wood energy is climate neutral and socially viable source of renewable energy, with 4 billion hectares of availability, covering 31% of the Earth surface.


Long-term experience in biomass power plant consulting with the aim of providing such services to clients who are interested in using the 2nd generation bio-ethanol technology.


A vertically-integrated platform which begins with forest concessions on the upstream to the technology required for a high-efficient bioethanol plant on the downstream.

| Hepta Capital SA - Rue de la Croix d’Or 19A - 1204 Geneva - Switzerland - Reg. No. CH-660-0273010-3 |

| Tel +41 (0)22 731 72 72 - info@heptagroup.ch |

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